July 30, 2020

I know what you’re thinking. THE BARS ARE CLOSED AGAIN!?!? 😩  Or maybe you’re screaming it with clenched fists to the sky. Either way, COVID strikes again.

So how can popcorn help? It probably can’t but we’re going to try anyway by teaming up with our friends at West Sixth Brewing to bring you our first-ever Perfect Pairing!

Now, you can still have small gatherings of 10 or less at your home, right? So why not have a Popcorn Party Froggy’s Style. This is going to be super fun and super easy. All you need is some paper, a sharpie (or more if you want to be colorful), a pack of paper cups, and the beer and popcorn we’re about to share with you.

Find a flat service that can accommodate your small number of guests. Be sure to socially distance each station! Fill the paper cups with popcorn and place those along the bottom of the paper. Next, play bartender and pour flight portions of beer for your guests in coordination with our beer pairing (or get crazy and mix it up!). Write the flavor and the beer name in between and Voila! Your guests are ready to enjoy some new flavor combinations.

Be sure to have a sanitized pad and pen for each guest to write down interesting flavor notes as you go along. We hope you’ll have fun exploring and please let us know what you experience by sharing your thoughts on social media. You can tag us at @froggyspopcorn and @westsixth. 

Happy tasting!

Yours very truly,
Popcorn Mel




IPA with Farmhouse Cheddar

The lemon, tangerine, and peach notes in this beer  pair well with the sharp cheddar and white pepper in our cheese corn.

Pennyrile Pale Ale with Beer Cheese & Pretzels

Pennyrile’s tropical fruit and malt notes bring out the mustard and white cheddar in our beer cheese.

Pay It Forward Cocoa Porter (currently benefiting The Fund For The Arts) with Old Fashioned Caramel

The chocolate and caramel notes in this beer are complemented by our from-scratch vanilla caramel.

Cerveza with Mexican Street Corn

West Sixth suggests that you drink their Cerveza with a lime, and the corn notes in this beer enhance our lime, cilantro, and popcorn flavors.




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