About Us

Froggy’s Popcorn was born out of creativity and a desire to give back to the community. Founder Melanie Fischer always had a creative flair as a visual artist, and was looking to start a new business—one that would make a difference and bring joy not only to her life, but the lives of others. She knew right away that she wanted to support animal shelters, having adopted two cats of her own.  

The idea for artisan craft corn, however, took a while to, well, pop! Her original business concept was to create a line of gourmet frozen treats. As this idea was developing, she attended a Kentucky Derby Party in 2017 and brought along her Sweet and Spicy Caramel Corn to share. It was always a fan favorite! Over the years, her friends would suggest that she package and sell it but she never considered it. There is something to be said about the right idea at the right time. At the suggestion of her good friend Matty, along with her cat’s moniker and likeness, Froggy’s Popcorn was sprung to life.

Melanie quickly realized that one popcorn flavor would not make a successful business. People want a variety to keep them coming back for more. So Melanie discovered the joy of creating her own recipes—fueling her artistic creativity. She started to draw inspiration from television baking show challenges, then looked to culinary trends across the country, regional flavors, and wild suggestions from her friends and customers. 

Many flavored popcorns start with a pre-processed flavor powder to coat the corn. Melanie knew she could do better by creating her flavor profiles from scratch. Her test kitchen is always poppin! She starts with big, billowy, and fluffy mushroom popcorn. Then she adds the right combination of natural ingredients to develop melt-in-your mouth popcorn that’s sure to surprise and delight. From the original sweet and spicy, to blueberry pie and beyond, there’s a Froggy Flavor that can cure every crave.